ZED Tuition, established in 2019, was founded with one key objective – to provide students with the skills required to effectively INTERPRET, UNDERSTAND and APPLY content in their respective subject areas to reach their full academic potential. All of our programs are designed around this objective and are implemented in conjunction with regular and effective feedback – the cornerstone of ZED Tuition’s education philosophy.

For decades, researchers of effective teaching and learning strategies have discoursed about the strong correlation between feedback and direct teacher instruction, and students’ academic performance. Professor John Hattie, industry-leader in educational research, through his meta-analysis of which strategies have the most impact on student achievement and progression, provides a plethora of empirical evidence to support the notion that effective feedback and direct teacher instruction, are two high impact strategies that consequent high student performance.

ZED Tuition’s education philosophy is underpinned by extensive literature regarding these high impact strategies and visible learning, and seeks to design and implement programs that focus on the following three principles:

Effective Feedback:

Feedback – that is consistent; goal-orientated; ongoing; tangible; actionable and timely – is provided during each lesson and throughout each term.

Clear Learning Intentions:

Every lesson begins with a clear and specific learning intention to give students clear direction confidence of knowledge of what they are working towards.


Students are assessed regularly and effectively to provide opportunity for consistent and ongoing feedback.

Whilst other tuition centers merely provide students with content and revision questions to complete, we pride ourselves on the fact that we allocate specified time in each and every lesson to demonstrate HOW to apply covered content to HSC-style questions.

With this model as our foundation for both individual and group lessons, we are better able to achieve our overarching objective of teaching students how to INTERPRET, UNDERSTAND and APPLY.