July 2019

  • Whilst ZED Tuition Pty Ltd ACN 633 832 274 (“ZED”) is not bound by the Australian Privacy Principles set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), we remain committed to the protection of your personal information. 
  • This Privacy Policy was developed to advise you of how any information collected from you will be used, stored and disclosed. 
  • You hereby accept the terms of this Privacy Policy and consent to the collection, use, storage and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with this Policy. 

Types of Personal Information Collected

  • At ZED the types of personal information we may collect from you includes, but is not limited to:
    • Your name together with the name of your child/children being current or prospective students of ZED;
    • Your residential, postal and email address;
    • Your preferred contact numbers;
    • The date/s of birth of your child/children;
    • Racial background and/or ethnicity;
    • Languages spoken by your child/children;
    • Academic and educational background of your child/children.
  • When you access ZED’s website, additional information may be automatically collected, including but not limited to:
    • Your device’s IP address;
    • Device screen size;
    • Device description;
    • Details of your operating system;
    • Web pages visited on ZED’s website;
    • Date and time of accessing ZED’s web pages;
    • Search terms on ZED’s website.
  • You hereby consent to the collection of this personal information and understand and acknowledge that this information is obtained for the purposes set out below.

Methods of Collection

  • The main way we collect your personal information from you is when you provide it to us, usually by way of:
    • Submitting an enquiry online through ZED’s website;
    • Email correspondence;
    • Questionnaires; 
    • Submitting an enrolment form.
    • Registering for our mailing list (if any);
    • Other forms of written correspondence; and
    • Verbal communications with us.
  • Personal information pertaining to your electronic device may be automatically received by ZED through your access to our website.  Cookies, being small data files transferred onto computers or other electronic devices by ZED’s website may occur. These cookies are for record keeping and analytical purposes. You may select from your computer or electronic device, whether to allow the use of cookies.
  • Personal information may also be provided to ZED from other sources including but not limited to its referral network. 
  • You authorise the voluntary and involuntary collection of personal information in accordance with these provisions.

Updating Personal Information

  • You acknowledge the importance of the personal information you have provided to us.
  • Should there be any change to the personal information provided to us, you agree to provide updated information as soon as it becomes practically possible to do so. This will allow us to update our records accordingly. 

Use of Personal Information

  • You acknowledge that any personal information collected by ZED is obtained for the primary purpose of providing current or future educational services to your child/children, and/or to enable us to respond to any queries you may have about the educational services and products available at ZED.
  • Other secondary uses of your personal information include but are not limited to:
    • Business development purposes such as analysing the demand for specific educational services and assessing the best way to provide such educational services to its current and prospective students;
    • To comply with ZED’s contractual and/or legal obligations including Orders of a Federal or State Court;
    • To identify:
      • Information relevant to you about current and/or future educational services or products available by ZED;
        • Any promotional offers available by ZED relevant to your specific educational requirements;  
        • Any relevant changes to the manner in which ZED provides its educational services to its students;
        • General and course specific enrolment dates relevant to your educational requirements.
  • You consent to the use of your personal information in accordance with this provision and for any other secondary purpose that has not been specifically identified above, and acknowledge that such use of your personal information will be reasonably appropriate, in compliance with relevant State or Federal laws and will not be in breach of your privacy. 

Storage of Personal Information

  • Any personal information held by ZED may be held electronically or in hard copy at ZED’s premises or alternative locations as approved by ZED’s management, such as an off-site storage facility. 
  • ZED takes all reasonable steps to ensure the security of the personal information it stores, which includes but is not limited to password protected computer systems and files, and locking storage devices. 
  • ZED will not be liable for any unauthorised access to your personal information where all reasonable security measures have been taken by ZED. 
  • You acknowledge and accept that there is always a risk that your personal information may be subject to unauthorised access, especially that information provided to ZED electronically. Any information provided electronically is provided at your own risk.
  • You accept that ZED will not be liable for any loss, damage or claim arising, either directly or indirectly, from unauthorised access to your personal information, unless such unauthorised access is the direct result of negligence on the part of ZED.  

Disclosure of Personal Information

  • You hereby consent to the disclosure of your personal information in circumstances which may include, but are not limited to:
    •  Disclosure to employees, agents, consultants or other third parties engaged by ZED from time to time to assist in the provision of educational services to your child/children, or to assist in the preparation of course curriculum or other products offered by ZED;
    • ZED’s business and strategic development purposes;
    • Compliance with ZED’s contractual and/or legal obligations and as is required under a Court Order of a Federal or State Court;
    • Instructing a debt collection agency or solicitor to collect outstanding fees owed to ZED under its terms and conditions, or following a breach of your contractual obligations, with such instructions extending to, but not limited to the bringing of legal proceedings against you, if required;
    • For the purposes of responding to and taking appropriate action in response to any claim, suit, demand or legal proceedings brought against ZED by you or another on your behalf or that of your child/children.

Access to Your Personal Information

  • You have the right to access personal information ZED holds about you and your child/children.
  • Should you require access to your personal information held by ZED, or that of your child/children, you may do so upon written request to ZED. 
  • Upon receiving a request, access to your personal information and that of your child/children will be provided within a reasonable time.
  • Upon receiving access to the personal information held by ZED, if an error is identified, we request that any such error be brought to ZED’s attention and the appropriate corrections will be made.

Concerns or Complaints 

  • If you wish to complain about an alleged privacy breach, you should follow the following process:  
    • The complaint should be made in writing to ZED;
    • ZED will respond to the complaint within a reasonable time;
    • ZED will try to resolve your complaint amicably;
    • Other options may be available to you should you be dissatisfied with ZED’s response.                    

Amendments to the Privacy Policy

  •  ZED may update, modify or remove the Privacy Policy at any time without notice to you.
  • Any updates will be made available to you via our website, electronically or upon your request. 
  • You agree that you are deemed to have consented and approved any variations made to this Privacy Policy by ZED from time to time.
  • Should you have any concerns about this Privacy Policy we invite you to contact ZED.