At ZED Tuition, we endeavour to provide consistency in our approach, whether in individual or group lessons. Our focus is always on developing students’ skills to interpret and understand content, so they can effectively apply their knowledge. ZED Tuition’s programs are designed around this focus, and are implemented in conjunction with regular, consistent and effective feedback – the cornerstone of ZED Tuition’s philosophy.

In Mathematics Advanced, we offer tuition in the following formats:

  • Group (2-10 students)
    • 2-hour lesson per week
    • 10 lessons per school term
    • See below for lesson program.

ZED Tuition’s Mathematics Advanced courses intend to guide their students towards achievement of the following success criteria as adapted from the New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA):
– Demonstration of mathematical skills and knowledge;
– Demonstration of multi-step reasoning, justification, modelling and problem-solving strategies to evaluate mathematical problems in familiar and unfamiliar contexts;
– Effective and sophisticated communication of mathematical language both numerically and diagrammatically in a range of contexts.

ZED Tuition’s group lessons will cover the following NESA-developed curriculum modules throughout its term programs*:

Year 11 Year 12
Topic 1
– Functions
– Working with Functions  

Topic 2
– Trigonometric Functions
– Trigonometry and Measure of Angles
– Trigonometric Functions and Identities  

Topic 3
– Calculus
– Introduction to Differentiation  

Topic 4
– Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
– Logarithms and Exponentials  

Topic 5
– Statistical Analysis
– Probability and Discrete Probability Distributions
Topic 1
– Functions
– Graphing Techniques  

Topic 2
– Trigonometric Functions
– Trigonometric Functions and Graphs  

Topic 3
– Calculus
– Differential Calculus
– Applications of Differentiation
– Integral Calculus  

Topic 4
– Financial Mathematics
– Modelling Financial Situations    

Topic 5
– Statistical Analysis
– Descriptive Statistics and Bivariate Data Analysis
– Random Variables

* The actual scope and sequence of modules/topics/subtopics will be determined at the discretion of the Head of Department during program creation.

For further information regarding NESA requirements for the Preliminary and Higher School Certificate Mathematics Advanced Courses, please refer to the link below or contact one of our qualified staff members.


Time Lesson Development
15 minutes Assessment
– Test to assess content covered
– Multiple Choice and Short Answer examination-style questions
– See below regarding Student Feedback Portfolio
55 minutes Content Delivery
– Explicit teacher instruction in specified syllabus content areas
50 minutes Application
– Teacher directed analysis of content related and application-based questions
– Student opportunity for application of content to questions and to seek clarification of content covered.
– Students may also seek assistance with school work in this time. 


In staying true to our philosophy on the importance of effective feedback for student academic progression, ZED Tuition provides each student with their own Feedback Portfolio, which can be accessed by parents and guardians throughout the term. The Student Feedback Portfolio is an important communication tool between ZED and parents/guardians to maintain transparency regarding their child’s performance. Contained in the student Feedback Portfolio is:

  • Copies of weekly assessment tasks and results
  • Copies of pre and post-term assessment tasks
  • Weekly Participation Report that monitors in-class and homework completion
  • End of Term Report.

This Feedback Portfolio is provided free of charge to all students enrolled in a term course.

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